What is a minister in the mystical tradition?

Most often we think of a ministers being someone who is affiliated with a particular religion or church, the term being synonymous with preacher or priest. In physical reality this may be true, but a Kabalistic minister, or a minister in the mystical tradition is much more than that.

The word “minister” is derived from Latin and means “servant”. It is defined as “to give help (to).” Serving, as well as giving help to, can exist in many fields of expression. The word “Kabalah” means “to receive” and in mysticism what one develops himself to receive is an understanding and expression of the Divine through individual realization. One cannot give to others what he, himself, does not possess. If one transmits intellectual information to another, then the other individual is limited to information only; but, if the awareness established by the integration of that information accompanies the transmission, then the other individual receives that awareness upon that same level within himself.

Thus, a much greater impact is made.
One becomes a minister much in the same way as one becomes a dancer or a singer- the processes are similar. Just as the singer or dancer must intellectually understand the notes or the steps, so must a minister intellectually understand the concepts related to his service. However, intellectually understanding the notes or steps does not make one a singer or a dancer. It requires integration of the understanding through a process which includes practice and dedication. This process results in the ability to express oneself as a singer or dancer and this ability can be applied to whatever field is selected.

By the same token, one becomes a minister and then expresses his ministry through whatever field or profession is in accordance with his life pattern. whether teacher, massage therapist, attorney, accountant, truck driver, housewife, priest, etc. one’s ministry becomes a viable expression adapting to whatever vocation or avocation is paramount in life. By becoming a minister one begins to serve the collective consciousness of all mankind, as he not only works with other individuals but is able to direct his higher awareness into the collective consciousness. One need not be a professional counselor nor have a vocation in the religious field in order to help and serve others, for often the greatest service is to those who live and work around us regardless of our vocation.

Those ministers who have ascertained that the focus of their life is the expression of not only their own spirituality, but who also wish to serve the hierarchy of the planet and solar system, may elect to become priests. From hierarchy to priests to ministers to mankind, the evolution of mankind and the planet is served in an unbroken line of authority from the Divine, a line which expresses through the containment of realization.

Our ministerial program has been developed to allow those participating in it to establish, to the highest degree possible, their own totalities of awareness, so that each may go forth in the world sharing that awareness through whatever manner is best suited to his individual field of expression. It is hoped that ministers will be situated in many and varied fields so that the lives of a great number of people can be touched. The vocation of Priesthood is only one of the many fields through which one’s ministry can be expressed.

Mysticism transcends religion, therefore ministers in the mystical tradition find themselves comfortable in all religions. Their understanding exceeds dogma and structure, yet realizes the need for their existence, as well as the need for change.

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