An Opportunity for “Group Study” at Home – A New Online Kabalah Class Begins

“Kabalah: A Process of Awakening” is not only a comprehensive study of the Kabalah, but provides a spiritual development process that includes the use of archetypes and meditation. It synthesizes the important essentials found in psychology, theology, science and philosophy. All of which is designed not only to discover the power of one’s true being, but to achieve freedom in the living experience. After studying the Tree of Life, you will not only enhance your understanding of yourself, but also aquire a complete psychological understanding of human behavior including emotional and addictive behaviors. Studying the Tree of Life clarifies the misunderstanding that often exists in different teachings and unifies them into a singular comprehension. Through unconscious recognition and identification with the tree and the use of meditation and its archetypal symbols, you will find yourself becoming free from the stress and pressures of the external world.

Registration now being accepted for the next class.

How does it work?


Class will be held in Atlanta each week from 6 p.m. to8 p.m.  The class includes meditation (approximately 20 minutes), a lecture (approximately 60 minutes) and a reading of the lesson (approximately 30 minutes). The following day an audio file of the class will be e-mailed to all students. A set of four lessons at a time is mailed so that students will have the written materials prior to class. Each student outside the Atlanta class will be offered a free 40 minute consultation session each month, wherein they may ask questions or seek clarification. These sessions must be scheduled in advance. The monthly fee is $75 which includes the material, class recording and consultation. You may register any time before the class begins by phoning the center at 404-320-1038.



25631 Briarcliff Rd. Suite #217

Atlanta, GA 30329


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