Lectures at the Center

“Kabalah: A Process of Awakening” is not only a comprehensive study of the Kabalah, but provides a spiritual development process that includes the use of archetypes, meditation and a synthesis of the important essentials found in psychology, theology, science and philosophy – all of which is designed not only to discover the power of one’s true being, but to achieve freedom in the living experience. After studying the Tree of Life, you will not only enhance your understanding of yourself, but also aquire a complete psychological understanding of human behavior including emotional and addictive behaviors. Studying the Tree of Life clarifies the misunderstanding that often exists in different teachings and unifies them into a singular comprehension. Through unconscious recognition and identification with the tree and the use of meditation and its archetypal symbols, you will find yourself becoming free from the stress and pressures of the external world.

A new class will begin on March 9, 2021 with registrations now being accepted. 

Although our major focus is the mystical teachings of the Kabalah, many other classes, whose topics parallel or augment these teachings, are offered by highly respected and knowledgeable teachers who have joined our staff. There are classes suitable for the beginning student as well as those seeking more in-depth understanding in specialized areas. Classes are offered at various times in astrology, meditation, Vedanta, sacred geometry, healing, intuitive development, mystical interpretations of the Old and New Testaments, and other timely subjects. Most of these classes are from six to eight weeks in length or are offered as evening and Saturday workshops. Please see our newsletter for full details on forthcoming local classes. To receive this newsletter by mail please contact the Center.

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