St. Thomas Seminary Program History

The St. Thomas Christian Church’s Seminary Program originated with The College of Seminarians, a religious school within the American Apostolic University. The College was affiliated with the Church of the East, Order of Antioch, The Federation of St. Thomas Christian Churches. It was founded in 1930 in Chicago, Illinois, by Archbishop Lloyd, and was incorporated in New York State and in Delaware in 1947 by Dr. Mather as an institution for the education of clergy. The Seminary Program continued to be maintained under the auspices of The Federation of St. Thomas Christian Churches.

In 1994, The Karin Kabalah Center, under a charter to the St. Thomas Christian Churches of Georgia, Inc., was named to conduct a seminary program for the St. Thomas Christian Church. The two-year course on mysticism presented by the Karin Kabalah Center comprises a major portion of the seminary curriculum. Since this course is available as a correspondence course, it allows the seminary program to be conducted off-campus as well as on-campus.

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