About the Center

Classes & Lectures

The Center offers introductory and graduate level courses in Kabalah through our Process of Awakening program. This course establishes a traditional foundation of Kabalistic knowledge and then discusses those aspects which are pertinent to this time and space. It becomes a philosophical/psychological/spiritual process of development. Nearly every topic and/or aspect of the wisdom teachings and Kabalah is discussed, including those mysteries of ancient and current religions, which have been obscured for so long.

Classes are also offered at various times in astrology, meditation, sacred geometry, healing, intuitive development, mystical interpretations of the Old and New Testaments, and other timely subjects. Most of these classes are from six to eight weeks in length or are offered as evening and Saturday workshops.

Saint Thomas Church

The teachings of the St. Thomas Christian Church are from two sources: Holy Scripture and Sacred Mystical Teachings. Like the church which Jesus instituted, the St. Thomas Christian Church is neither Latin nor Greek; neither Eastern nor Western. Rather it is universal, for it has no limitations in time or place. It is given for all people. The St. Thomas Christian Church is a universal, sacramental and apostolic church. Its teachings and practices are derived from the original and mystical teachings of the apostles and from the wisdom teachings brought forward through the religious tradition.

Counseling & Meditation

The center provides one-on-one counseling and instruction in Intuitive Counseling, Meditation, & Shustah Reading. Our purpose is to aid the client to integrate the bigger picture of an event or issue which is affecting the harmony in his/her life. Through the aid of intuitive counseling, archetypal analysis, individually designed meditations and Kabalistic healing, be it health, relationships or job related, one may not only come to understand the issue but also find the road to harmony and balance.

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