Intuitive Counseling

by Alok Agrawal, M.Phil.

Intuitive counseling adjusts itself into the needs of the individual seeking help, therefore techniques are unique to those needs. Its purpose is to aid the client to integrate the bigger picture of an event or issue which is affecting the harmony in his/her life. Often one’s mind becomes cluttered and confused and thereby unable to clearly see an accurate picture of what is occurring. One becomes mired down in illusory beliefs and concepts, which, in turn, create both emotional and physical imbalance and/or disease. Through the aid of intuitive counseling, archetypal analysis, individually designed meditations and Kabalistic healing, be it health, relationships or job related, one may not only come to understand the issue but also find the road to harmony and balance.

Through the development of inner confidence and self-empowerment, each one ultimately becomes his/her own counselor and intuitive counseling helps one unfold that ability.

$75/40 minute session

Please contact the center for an appointment

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