Seminary Program Objectives

  • To provide a core program which builds a solid foundation of spiritual awareness and understanding based on mysticism.
  • To provide building blocks which can be added according to each student’s own spiritual pattern.
  • To bring forward the training originated by the College of Seminarians, American Apostolic University, affiliated with the Federation of St. Thomas Christian Churches and the Church of the East.
  • To provide academic training with a mystical interpretation.
  • To ensure the program is available to all qualified applicants, regardless of age, sex, race, color, religion, national origin or disability.
  • To offer seminary training which can be completed either through mostly home study and/or on-campus training.
  • To further ecumenical appreciation among all sects of Christianity as well as among other religions and philosophies.
  • To offer a program which always retains its solid foundation, yet adapts to, or even precedes, universal evolution, so that man’s Spirit can always serve Divinity and humanity, regardless of time or place.

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