Our Purpose

If you are interested in pursuing the path of the mystic, the path of Divine realization, we invite you to join us. Mysticism transcends the structures of all religious belief systems while at the same time enhancing the understanding contained within them. Our goal is to help mankind break through the barriers he has placed on himself thereby freeing the Spirit within him to be expressed in full potential.

Kabalah: A Process of Awakening


This exciting course establishes a traditional foundation of Kabalistic knowledge and then discusses those aspects which are pertinent to this time and space. It becomes a philosophical/psychological/spiritual process of development. Nearly every topic and/or aspect of the wisdom teachings and Kabalah is discussed, including those mysteries of ancient and current religions, which have been obscured for so long. As one Kabalistic writer has stated, “Through this Kabalistic study there arises a new formulation of the teachings that brings a freshness to the Tradition for this generation.”

View “Exploring Kabalah” video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sYRFqQ03gY&feature=youtu.be

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